3 Essential Database Services Every Small Business Needs

Every well-run business should have a sufficient database that allows employees to easily access and use company information. An SQL Server database can make employees’ jobs easier to do, making the company as a whole more productive.

When considering working with an SQL Server consultant, it’s important to keep in mind the following three essential database services that every company should invest in.

Database deployment

Database deployment is not only an important process, but it’s also a notoriously difficult one. Unfortunately, many in-house development teams don’t give enough thought to how they plan a new database deployment. This plan should include thorough thought about the initial deployment method as well as the changes to the database’s structure.

Without the proper planning, the deployment of a database often gets delayed as much as possible in the development process. Instead, it should be carefully planned, scripted, and automated.

Rather than worrying about the delaying of deployment or all the potential issues with the new database, companies should consider working with an SQL Server consultant to handle their deployment needs. Whether it’s a completely new database or an upgrade to an existing one, an experienced consultant will be able to properly plan and execute a successful deployment.

Database design and maintenance

Proper database management comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you fail to properly manage your database, the applications dependent on the database will slow and cause employees to have difficulty completing job-related tasks. This can lead to a loss of productivity, and in turn, a lull in business growth.

In order to keep a database running smoothly, routine maintenance may include:

  • Reorganizing to remove old data
  • Rebuilding indexes on a regular basis
  • Backing up important data information
  • Identifying signs of corruption, hardware fault, or platform issues
  • Removing unnecessary leftover maintenance data
  • Restoring activities crucial for maximum efficiency

All of these maintenance activities are critical to keeping your systems running efficiently. Without routine maintenance, errors may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Unnoticed errors can lead to massive data loss and other potential issues for the company. It’s important for all business owners to understand the value an SQL Server consultant can have on ensuring your database administration services are working at maximum efficiency.

Database lifecycle management

Database lifecycle management (DLM) is a process that combines a business and technical approach to enhancing database development, delivery, and management. When a business utilizes database lifecycle management, it’s ensuring that the proper processes, methods, and systems are in place to design and develop databases with minimal effort.

The goal of DLM is to not only make all database processes more predictable but to also improve the business’ knowledge of the database and its applications.

When an organization chooses to work with an SQL Server consultant, they’re ensuring that they’ll have the assistance needed to identify potential issues or opportunities with their database. DLM improves the visibility of the database project to application management teams, project managers, IT management, and the database users.

With only 38% of organizations worldwide claiming they were prepared to handle a cyber attack, according to the 2015 Global Cybersecurity Report, it’s more important than ever to ensure your SQL database security is working at it’s best. When experienced SQL Server consultants design and manage your business’ database, their goal is to enable your business to run with maximum security and efficiency.
If you run a business that depends on an SQL database system, you need to do everything you can to safeguard your proprietary information and ability to operate. Our SQL database consultants are here to help you do just that. To find out more, contact us today.


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