5 Helpful Database Design Steps

A working database is crucial for internal business operations. And one crucial part of that database is its design. Not sure where to start? No problem. Here are five database design steps to help.

Determine the purpose of the database

The very first thing you must do is decide the purpose of your database. You need to determine what it will be used for, how you expect to use it, who you expect to use it, etc. This will help you develop a mission statement and prepare for the remaining steps.

Find and organize the information

Once you have figured out the purpose of your database, you’ll need to gather the data that needs to be stored there. After you gather the necessary information, you need to organize it. It’s usually easiest to organize the information by breaking each piece into its smallest useful parts.

Create tables for the information

Once the information is organized, you’re going to want to divide up the information into tables. Separate the data into major entities or subjects. Then, each subject will become a table. Label each table with the subject within that table.

Establish relationships between the tables

It can be hard to use a database with independent or unrelated tables. It is best to look at each individual table and decide how the data within relates to the data in other tables. You then can add fields to the tables or create new ones to clarify the established relationships so everything is connected.

Redefine your design

One of the last database design steps is to take a step back once you’ve “completed” the database. You want to scan it and analyze the design for any errors. Run the database with the tables and record to see if you can get the results you want. You should then make adjustments to get the final result you desire.

SQL Database consultants

Roughly 26% of businesses have experienced an SQL injection attack in the last 12 months, according to a recent Small Business Trends survey. You want to make sure your business’s database is well built so it will be protected against these kinds of attacks. Whether your company is looking to design a database, upgrade your existing SQL Servers, or improve your data security, our expert SQL Server consultants are ready and equipped to help.


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