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In-house expertise is invaluable to businesses of all sizes – you know your systems and your business better than anyone. But sometimes it takes a guiding hand to help you take that next step. That’s what we do.

Whether your needs revolve around design, implementation, maintenance, or verification, we can help you ensure that your data is protected and available, when and where you need it. Our consultants have years of experience architecting information technology solutions. We’ll get to know your company’s IT environment and its specific needs, then recommend solutions tailored to your needs.

We’re also happy to help you build your own in-house expertise by taking the time to teach your staff what we did, how we did it, and why. Our consultants speak at events of all sizes, from local user groups to webinars to regional and national conferences, including SQLSaturday events across the nation and the PASS Summit, the largest SQL Server conference in the world. If your needs are more specific, we can also create custom training classes for your company or group.

Kingfisher Technologies was founded in 2014 and provides database consulting services to small- and medium-sized businesses. We are an Iowa-based firm with deep expertise in Microsoft SQL Server and related data technologies. Our services range from database architecture and server health checks to managed data services and data protection.

North American Belted Kingfisher
Kevin Cole/Flickr [License: CC BY 2.0]


The kingfisher represents an unseen threat. This aquatic predator dives into the water to catch fish before they can detect its presence. Your server is just as vulnerable to hidden performance issues and surprise attacks. Our experts will help you take proper precautions and design a secure data environment.


  • Ed Leighton-Dick
    Ed Leighton-Dick Founder and Principal Consultant

    Ed Leighton-Dick is a SQL Server performance and architecture specialist with nearly 30 years of experience in development, database administration, and system administration. He specializes in the Microsoft data platform, including SQL Server, .Net, and Azure.

    Ed fell madly in love with code in 1983 and has been creating software ever since. His industry experience includes help desk technician, developer, development manager, system administrator, and database administrator using a wide variety of languages and platforms. Prior to launching Kingfisher Technologies, Ed served as the database administrator for a mid-sized company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 2006-2014. 

    Ed enjoys attending industry events of all sizes, from local user groups and webinars to regional and national conferences. He can often be found teaching sessions for Iowa Code Camp, 24 Hours of PASS, SQLSaturday events across the nation, and the PASS Global Summit, the largest SQL Server conference in the world.

    Ed also volunteers his time with PASS, including roles as Midwest Regional Mentor, Chapter Leader of I-380 PASS SQL Server User Group, and organizer of SQLSaturday Iowa City.



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