Why Growing Businesses Benefit from Outsourcing Their SQL Database Services

As your business grows, deciding how to handle your data can be tricky. Whether you have been using an SQL database up to this point or managing with nothing more than a spreadsheet, chances are you have been able to keep up with your data up to this point.

But as your company continues to grow, you will have to face a choice: either hiring a database administrator to build, maintain, and secure your own SQL database, or hire database administration services to manage your data for you.

In this blog, we’ll lay out the case for why you should consider leveraging the skills of SQL database consultants for your growing business.

Superior Database Design

Data is only as good as the conclusions it allows you to form: on its own, data is all but worthless. A professional SQL database designer will have the experience to build you a database that works for you and your business. In short, your database should do much more than simply store data. This system will help you better understand your sales, your leads, and any other information that needs to be stored.

In order to find someone with this level of expertise, you will need to be willing to pay. Unlike a simple database administrator, someone who understands the design process and can best help tailor your database to your needs will be much sought after.

With outside consultants, however, you gain access to the same experience without having to invest as much capital into your database.

Database Administration

SQL database administrators are incredibly important. They will ensure that your information is kept clean and neatly organized, as well as adapting your database to the needs of your business as it continues to grow.

If your business grows fast enough, your database needs might become too much for one person to handle. With an in-house team, that means you will need to spend time and energy to hire and train a new employee, distracting you from the more important issue of growing your business.

Outsourcing allows you the freedom to increase your services from the SQL DBA services you have enlisted. This agile approach means no lag between your businesses needs and capability.

SQL Database Security

SQL database security is incredibly important when considering your database resources. Databases are constantly under threat from hackers and ransomware attacks, and you will need the very best in SQL database security to prevent you from being hacked. After all, 60% of small businesses who experience a cyber attack close within six months.

Outsourcing your SQL database security means that you will have the most up-to-date best practices for your database. Additionally, you will have the option for remote monitoring that will alert you immediately should an attack be detected.

While it might be tempting to try and keep your SQL database services in house, for many small businesses, outsourcing is the best option. It affords you the best in security and flexibility, and helps you focus on your business’ growth.


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