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It only takes one.

One click in a phishing email to compromise your company’s network security. One missed patch. One ransomware attack. One insider. One.

And if your company relies on network security to prevent a breach, one is all it takes to turn that attack into a data breach. And it only takes one data breach to ruin your reputation, your finances, even your business.

What if you could improve your odds of surviving a cyberattack? You can, by adding data security to your current cybersecurity strategy. It’s not difficult, if you know where to look.

We’re planning to offer public training in 2020 to teach companies how to implement data security on Microsoft’s data platform, including SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. Registration will be open in early 2020. To be among the first to know when full details and registration are available, fill out the form below.

To truly protect your data, start at the source

Cybersecurity has been a fact of life almost as long as we’ve had networks. We know how to secure networks, and on the average, we’re pretty good at it. Perimeter-based security stops most attacks from reaching their target.

But it only takes one successful attack to turn an ordinary day into a nightmare of epic proportions. That one phishing email, that one insider, that one slip-up is what concerns us. Defense against that one from the perspective of your data is what we’ll cover in this class.

Just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

General concepts

Compliance and security modelsCommon threats and vulnerabilities, including SQL injectionDefenses

On-Premises Data Protection

SQL Server authentication and authorization structuresSeparation of dutiesSecuring server-to-server communications, including linked serversEncryptionNew encryption techniques, including Always EncryptedEncryption Key ManagementBackups and recovery plansPlanning for disaster recoveryMonitoring and auditing the security infrastructure

Data Protection in the Cloud

How protecting data in the cloud differs from protecting data on-premisesWhat to look for when considering a cloud provider for your dataData security offerings of the major cloud providersSecuring your cloud-based databaseEncrypting data for cloud storageBackups and recovery for the cloudMonitoring and auditing for the cloud

Data Privacy

Basics of the new class of data protection laws, including GDPR and CCPAData discovery and classificationIncorporating data privacy into development processes, including DevOps

Who should attend this course?

Students from all backgrounds are welcome. While there are no prerequisites for this course, those with at least one year of experience administering SQL Server databases in some capacity will benefit most.

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Estimated early launch date: March 2020

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