Slow applications frustrate you and your customers. We recognize your opportunities for improvement and act on them.​

When Your Business Won't Slow Down, Neither Will Your Systems

If you have a manufacturing business, remote employees, international customers, or are simply running a website, your systems need to be available 24/7. But beyond that, about 40% of users say they would abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Can you afford that?

Slow or unavailable systems cost money and cause frustration, so let Kingfisher’s Microsoft-certified SQL Database Administrators be your beacon of light in this notoriously hazy field. We’ll:

Support for Your Systems from Day 1 to Day 100,000

Is your business expanding? Do you need more storage for your data? Are you changing or incorporating new systems? Or are you in the early stages of considering new data warehousing solutions? The cloud, maybe?

Whatever the reason is, your data is too important to risk losing and your customers too valuable to make them suffer downtime. Whether you’re upgrading security or software, installing new hardware, or considering moving it all to the cloud, Kingfisher has you covered from consultation to execution. Our experts offer you:

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

SQL Servers are often the most expensive pieces of technology you manage. If you can save a little (or a lot) of that expense, why wouldn’t you?

Kingfisher’s combined suite of tools and services will not only improve you systems, but could dramatically lower your costs, as well. Using data gathered from our Server Health Check, our Performance Tuning metrics, and our intimate familiarity with SQL systems, we can Consolidate your SQL Server instances to:

Solutions for the full lifecycle of your data​

Unsure of the perfect solution for you? Just ask — we customize solutions to meet you where you are! From consultations to full Database Management and documentation write-ups, we are prepared give you what you need to manage, improve, and protect your systems for the full lifecycle of your data.

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