Database systems require continuous maintenance to run their best. Stay ahead and save time, money, and energy with our DBA services.

Flexible Database Administration

Do you need your data managed but don’t need or can’t afford a full-time DBA? Maybe you have a DBA but would like to free them to focus on higher-priority tasks?

Kingfisher Data has Microsoft-certified SQL Database Administrators (DBAs) ready to help your small- or medium-sized company at the level that works best for you. Our Virtual DBA plan features:

Know Your Systems Are Healthy

Are your systems aging? Have they been unmanaged for months, or even longer? Or are they so integral to your business that any disruption is not a risk you can afford to take?

Every client is entitled to an initial as well as annual Server Health Check. By comparing your SQL Server and Windows metrics against industry best practices and a wealth of experience, we:

Confident and Connected: You and Your Customers

The technological landscape is changing rapidly. Are your systems and data practices up to snuff? Are you concerned about compliance or inspection? Are you drowning in a sea of licensing documents?

Kingfisher Data has the experience and the tools to guarantee that your systems experience near-zero downtime. With our Annual Server Health Checks, we can verify the integrity of your systems and stop problems before they occur. Plus, as a Microsoft Certified business, we know the ins and outs of licensing and the best ways to reduce your overheard. We’ll:

Solutions for the full lifecycle of your data

Unsure of the perfect solution for you? Just ask — we customize solutions to meet you where you are! From consultations to full Database Management and documentation write-ups, we are prepared give you what you need to manage, protect, and improve your systems for the full lifecycle of your data.

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