Data protection is more than just cybersecurity. Stop threats to your systems before they become threats.

Data Security You Can Trust

Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study found that 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses, generally due to their assumed lack of security infrastructure. Additionally, a 2018 Cisco study found that 54% of such attacks cost the victims more than $500,000. Knowing there’s a better way, are you prepared for such a loss?

Kingfisher Data prioritizes your data’s security. With years of experience working with data integrity and data security, Microsoft data certifications, and a slew of industry-leading tools, as well as our own proprietary software in our toolbelt, we know exactly what your systems need to remain secure and protected. We focus on critical areas including but not limited to:

Secure Your Systems Against Any Threat

Ponemon Institute’s State of Cybersecurity Report found that the most common types of cyber attacks in 2020 were credential theft (56%), phishing/social engineering (48%), and account takeover (43%). But there are threats from ransomware, SQL injection, malware, and others, as well as natural disasters to prepare for. Are you worried that your data might not survive theft, ransom, or destruction?

Kingfisher will audit and secure your systems and help you devise processes and procedures to prevent, mitigate, and rebound from any disaster natural or man-made. From encrypting the lowest levels of your data, to validating your user-level permissions, to ensuring that your data is backed up and available at a moment’s notice in case the worst does happen, our thorough data experts have you covered for any eventuality. Every solution is tailored to your business needs, but our services include:

Support That Evolves with Your Security Needs

Reporting out of Check Point Research shows that cyber attacks have been rising about 50% year over year. And with increased occurrences, comes increased variation. The SonicWall Cyber Threat Report identified 442,151 never-before-seen malware variants in 2021. Protection measures that work today might not work tomorrow.

No one approach to data security will be impenetrable forever — cyber attacks evolve as quickly as their deterrents — but partnering with Kingfisher Data means you’ll benefit from a holistic and proactive view of the health and security of your systems. You’ll have the benefits of:

Solutions for the full lifecycle of your data​

Unsure of the perfect solution for you? Just ask — we customize solutions to meet you where you are! From consultations to full Database Management and documentation write-ups, we are prepared give you what you need to manage, protect, and improve your systems for the full lifecycle of your data.

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