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In the 18th century, the USS Constitution, also known as “Old Ironsides,” was strategically constructed as a double-hulled, heavy-duty ship with serious firepower, and it was meant to survive encounters with lighter, faster pirate and British naval ships. In the 21st century, hackers are looking to steal your company’s information and sell it for a profit, and you should have a strong, multilayered data security plan. Kingfisher Technologies can help you create that plan and implement it correctly.

SQL Server’s security model is complex and powerful, but it is often not configured as well as it should be. Ideally, there should be multiple layers of protection surrounding your data, not just a firewall on the outermost network point where it connects to the Internet. Consider a firewall to be like the firepower of a ship like Ironsides. Cannons can keep large threats at bay, but cannot provide protection from smaller, more agile vessels. Once the firewall has been breached, a smart ship captain will have further levels of protection in place, including a precise line of protection directly surrounding the treasures contained inside.

Our data protection services include:

  • Checking for common vulnerabilities to ensure compliance with best practices;
  • Configuring SQL Server in accordance with best practices;
  • Installing and enabling data encryption (often the last line of defense, it secures the data itself within the vault);
  • And finally, teaching your developers and database administrators how to design and build secure data environments.

You may be seeking out data security due to a need for regulatory compliance (compliance with an industry-wide regulations), contractual compliance (where security is required due to a contract between your company and another company, or a data breach concern or instance. Regardless of the reason, network security is no longer enough.

Your data needs full protection. Protect your data the way it deserves.

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