SQL Server Health Checks

Find issues before they become problems

For your car to run its best, engine maintenance is important. If an engine doesn’t receive routine inspection and oil changes, it will eventually just stop running. Believe it or not, a computer program is the same: without routine checks, it eventually loses efficiency to the point where it can’t deliver the information you need. That’s where a Health Check from Kingfisher Technologies comes in. If you’re wondering how your database is performing, we can offer proactive validation that SQL Server and its underlying infrastructure are following best practices as established by experts in the field and Microsoft. We’ll check the configuration of your hardware and memory allotments, as well as looking at how SQL Server is configured on your system. We will then put together those results in a report for you to answer questions like:

  • Is the current set-up the most efficient possible?
  • Does the database deliver search results in a timely manner to your employees?
  • Do you have any obvious security holes?

The report will also contain recommendations and support for improvements that can help stop performance problems before they begin. This is a small initial outlay which can help ensure that a later emergency does not become a giant business liability. Just like it’s easier and cheaper to schedule regular oil changes for your car than to replace an engine altogether, it’s easier to schedule regular database check-ups and fix those problems on behalf of your clients, your employees, and ultimately, your company’s bottom line. Schedule a health check for your company’s SQL Servers today!

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