Expert Database Management, Any Time, On Budget

If you’re a small- or medium-sized company, and you have a lot of data to store and protect, it’s possible that you don’t have the need or the funds to hire a database administrator. It’s also possible that you have a database administrator on staff who needs additional support resources or a back-up person while they’re on vacation. In any of these scenarios, Kingfisher can help by providing varying levels of support as needed by your company.

First of all, when you or your staff have questions, those questions will be answered by Microsoft-certified database administrators. You will be able to trust the content of the information you are given. Kingfisher will also provide round-the-clock remote monitoring of your SQL Servers and databases, 24/7/365 if need be, as well as proactive support in case of server failure or when routine jobs don’t run as scheduled. We will give you daily status reports on the state of your servers or databases to monitor for performance issues. We will also ensure that routine maintenance occurs, and works as expected to minimize any breaks in the availability of your data.

In short, Kingfisher Technologies can bridge gaps for your company, whether the gap is in personnel coverage, knowledge of best practices, or individualized support for any failure that causes downtime for you and your employees.

  • Included support hours
  • 24×7 support
  • Daily status reports
  • Health checks/year
  • SentryOne SQL Sentry
  • Step 1

    • 2 hours
    • -
    • 1
  • Step 2

    • 6 hours
    • -
    • 2
  • Step 2+

    • 6 hours
    • 2
  • Step 3+

    • 12 hours
    • 4

Plan Features

Support provided by expert DBAs

Let’s face it: experienced database administrators are expensive resources. Because of this, many companies need more support for their databases than they have. With VirtualDBA, you can get support from the best DBAs at a fraction of the cost.

Monitoring of all SQL Server instances in your environment

All of your data is important. So why should you only protect part of it? We monitor every SQL Server instance in your environment. All versions and editions of SQL Server since SQL Server 2005 are covered, both on premises and in the cloud. We even support the ancillary services, including Reporting Services, Integration Services, and Analysis Services. And we do it all for one flat rate.

Daily status reports

We’re taking care of your data, but you still need to stay informed about what’s happening. To help you do that, we send a comprehensive report on the status of your SQL Servers, every day.

Flexibility when you need it most

When something goes wrong, you don’t want to worry about support. Our flexible plans are designed to scale up when you need us, back down when things are quiet. And we check quarterly to make sure that you’re on the best plan for your needs.

Support as you need it

Some companies need immediate support at all times, 24x7x365. Some don’t. We offer both types of plans to meet your company’s specific needs. And if we don’t have a plan that fits your needs, just ask.

SQL Server Monitoring and Trend Analysis

For those times when a deep dive into the metrics is required to diagnose a performance issue, we provide SQL Server monitoring on all plans, powered by Redgate SQL Monitor. This tool gathers detailed statistics from across your SQL Server instance and gives you outstanding trend analysis, allowing you to find answers fast. All of our plans include one server license of SQL Monitor. Additional licenses for other plans are also available.

Proactive recommendations to keep your data protected

Your business relies on your data. When it’s not available, everything stops. We watch for the early warning signs of impending issues, and we can often alert you before they become problems. We’ll also help you find and fix the root cause of the issue.

But we don’t stop there. Every plan also includes at least one health check per year (a $1,495 value) to proactively search for problems well in advance. It’s complete coverage for your most important asset.

Discounted rates for additional hours

As a VirtualDBA subscriber, you’ll receive a discount on all services you receive from us throughout the subscription. It’s just our way of saying “thanks”.

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