Since 2014, Kingfisher Technologies has been the leading SQL database consultants for all of Eastern Iowa and beyond. Whether your company is looking to design a database, upgrade your existing SQL Servers, or improve your data security, our expert SQL Server consultants are at the top of the field.

What sets us apart from other SQL consulting companies?
We believe that a healthy database requires at least some level of in-house SQL Server knowledge. That’s why we will train your staff in the best ways to maintain and utilize your SQL Server database.

SQL Server Consulting Services We Offer:

Kingfisher Technologies offers a full range of services to install, maintain, and secure your SQL Server instances, including:

    • Diagnostics: Our SQL Server database consultants will provide a thorough analysis of your current SQL Server database and security, as well as a detailed report of recommended changes and improvements geared towards improving your business’ information security. Common Services: SQL Server Database Performance Analysis, Security Reviews
      • SQL Database Design: Whether you are a new business looking to optimize the way you store information or an established company looking to upgrade to a more modern database system, we can design a perfectly tailored SQL Server database that will work for you and your company. Common Services: Database Design, Database Architecture, Server Upgrades
      • SQL Database Security: Whether or not the material in your database is sensitive, it is important to make sure that your database is protected. We will work with your company to address any security or compliance problems in your database. Common Services: Security Architecture, Remote Monitoring, Disaster Recovery
      • Education: The most important thing we can offer you and your employees is an understanding of how to maintain and best utilize your new SQL Server database. We offer classes at many industry events, both local and national. We will work with you to provide the right training program for you and your employees. Common Services: Webinars, In-person training sessions

When choosing between SQL Server consulting companies, it is important to find a company that will work with you to address the individual needs of your business. In the end, your company will enjoy improved efficiency, better time management, and knowledge of the best methods for maintaining your SQL server.

If you have any questions about our SQL Server consulting services, call Kingfisher Technologies and speak with one of our SQL database consultants today!

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