SQL Injection Risks: How An Attack Could Compromise Your Business

Most businesses rely on their SQL-based server to keep their website running as it should. But unfortunately, these database systems might not be quite as protected as you might think. A recent Small Business Trends survey found that 26% of businesses experienced an SQL injection attack in the last year. Even big corporations like Yahoo are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks — and they can have colossal consequences. That’s why it’s so important to explore the types of database security available to you. Below, we’ll outline just a few of the risks you take by failing to have adequate SQL database security.

You’ll compromise data confidentiality

Understandably, this is the chief concern for most businesses. Data disclosure can result in a devastating outcome, both for your customers and your business itself. In some of the most publicized attacks, criminals may expose Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, account passwords, or other personal information that can very easily put clients at risk for identity theft, fraud, and more.

You might lose administrative permissions

Or more accurately, these criminals could gain administrative permissions and even impersonate existing users. Potentially, this could result in you and other administrators being locked out of the system and unable to regain control. This is one of the reasons why an SQL Server expert is a priceless resource: they’ll know how to secure your SQL Server database to make sure only those who should access your system can.

You’ll likely lose important data

Although technology can help us in many ways, an over-reliance on these systems could result in disaster if you don’t keep backup records. Your database holds not only your client information but also figures that are vital to your operations. If this data is altered or deleted, your business may pay a huge price. Balances could be altered or transactions could be deleted, leaving you in a scramble to figure out which way is up.

Your business could fail

Without help from an SQL Server expert, many business owners may not even realize the gravity of an injection attack right away. These attackers could steal your client list, use your employees’ personal information against them, or impact your system in more subtle ways that only a professional can recognize. Regardless of the tactics these attackers use, the outcome is the same for many businesses: they end up going under. These kinds of attacks can do irreparable damage to a business’ reputation, especially if they don’t disclose the issue right away. Customers will quickly lose what loyalty they had to your company if you put them at risk, and your business cannot possibly survive without clients. That’s why working with an SQL Server expert from the start is so imperative; not only will you protect your customers, but you’ll protect your business, too.

If you run a business that depends on an SQL database system, you need to do everything you can to safeguard your proprietary information and ability to operate. Our SQL database consultants are here to help you do just that. To find out more, contact us today.


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