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Critical Windows patch for cryptography library issued

Yesterday, Microsoft released a patch which fixes a critical spoofing vulnerability that exists in the Windows CryptoAPI library, CRYPT32.DLL. This flaw can facilitate remote code execution, man-in-the-middle, and other attacks through a wide variety of delivery methods, including browsers and emails. Encryption is not an effective defense in this case. Detection of an attack using this method is unlikely because

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SQL Injection Risks: How An Attack Could Compromise Your Business

“Data Security for the Cloud”: A New Pre-Con at SQLSaturday Chicago

More and more companies are considering a move to the cloud, but one aspect of such a migration that may be overlooked in the transition is the security of the data. In many cases, the cloud provider only handles a portion of the security, leaving you to handle the rest. So what, exactly, is your responsibility? And where do you

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New Kingfisher Office

Join us for our holiday open house and ribbon cutting!

Kingfisher Technologies has a new location! We now have an office in a shared space on the first floor of the Geonetric building in Cedar Rapids’ New Bohemia district with a few other small, growing businesses. It’s a great location with great energy, and we’re happy to be a part of the Cedar Rapids community. To celebrate, we’re hosting a

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Better Training Can Reduce Risk of Cyber Threat If Your Follow These 3 Steps

News recently broke of a new ransomware attack. This malicious software, which locks administrators out of files until a ransom is paid to the hackers, quickly spread across the globe. Even American companies have been hit by the latest iteration. For business owners and IT managers, this attack is a nightmare realized. Many are struggling with the best ways to

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sql database security

SQL Security: What Are SQL Injection Attacks and How Can You Defend Against Them?

SQL Server Databases are necessary tools for a wide variety of businesses in 2017. Not only do these databases optimize the way business store data, but they also allow managers to easily find information and spot trends. But, like any technology, SQL databases are vulnerable to a number of different hazards. According to a recent Small Business Trends survey, in

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Why Every Business Needs an SQL Database

An SQL database is a middleware program that allows communication between a website and a database to optimize search results. Essentially, SQL (Structured Query Language) systems allow you to better store and access information. How Can an SQL Database Help? While many people today confuse the terms data and information, data refers to specific facts: names, numbers, dates. An SQL

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